Relocation: Moving with Pets

Right up there with every other imaginable logistical nightmare, is the worry of moving your scaly, furry or feathery companions. No matter how unique your pet may be they are all subject to the same stress which comes with moving to a new home. The packing, the travelling and the completely new environment are the…


Packing & Wrapping Tips

KEEP THE FOLLOWING HANDY FOR PACKING   Detailed Inventory List of All items. Strong Boxes and Containers that can be secured tightly. Wardrobe Cartons. Leak proof container for medicines. Marking Pen, Buff Tape, Scissors and Tissue Paper. Garbage bags Cushion Contents with packing material such as bubble wrap, newspaper, corrugated cartons and double plastic sleeves…

Planning your Move

Planning Your Move

Moving house is a scary and exhausting process. Luckily we have some tips for planning your move that should help the whole process go much more smoothly. Here is what you can do: One month before moving Please remember we need the following in order to give you one of our free Quotations: Quotes are…